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Tree Services

We offer the service of removing trees in the safest and most reliable way without affecting the surroundings.

Our knowledgeable team carefully shapes your trees, ensuring they flourish while contributing positively to your property’s overall appeal.

Offering expert tree pruning services to promote tree health, safety, and aesthetic appeal in your landscape.

Providing efficient stump grinding services to reclaim your landscape and ensure a smooth, usable ground.

We efficiently clean up and clear out unwanted debris, transforming cluttered spaces into usable areas.

Preserving Beauty and Safety in Your Landscape

H & O Tree Services specializes in safe and efficient tree removal in North Charleston, SC. Our expert team is committed to preserving the beauty of your property while ensuring its safety. With professionalism and precision, we care for your green spaces. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Other Services

We can do it other services for you


Providing top-quality painting services for homes, fences, and decks to refresh and enhance your spaces.


Delivering professional fence installation and repair services to secure and enhance your property’s perimeter.


Offering expert deck installation and repair services to create and maintain your ideal outdoor space.

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We are ready to attend to all your needs with our team of experts, providing the best solution for your project.

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Ensuring security with meticulous care in our operations.

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We strive for excellence to meet your needs.

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